Ntunda lodge ready to take you on cultural tourism expeditions, call +264811478585 or book on


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Eco-CulturalTourism Namibia by Ntunda Lodge

Ntunda Lodge is ready to take you on cultural tourism expenditions, call now +264811478585 or book @

“Eco-cultural tourism is a concept where both ecological and cultural aspects of a landscape are combined together creating a tourist paradise. It is travel to destinations where both cultural and natural endowments are the prime attractions and thereby considered to be a potential strategy to support conservation of natural habitats along with economic sustainability particularly to indigenous communities”. ( Tourism related to both ecological and cultural attributes is becoming increasingly prevalent around the world [1-2] though travel to tourism sites of natural and cultural significance have existed at least since the time of Greek Antiquity, as reflected by Hellenistic world’s invention of the Seven Wonders of the World.

In more recent times, 157 countries have ratified the World Heritage Convention of 1972 (protecting the world's cultural and natural heritage) and 582 sites are inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Eco-Cultural tourism Namibia is established to promote and enhance cultural values of indigenous Namibians to the people of the world. It is spearheaded by Dr. SC Ankama and Alan Hendry of It’s first meeting took place on 12 July 2019 at Ntunda lodge in Oshakati west and was attended amongst others by King Taapopi of Uukwaludhi, Chief Ndilimani Ipumbu of Uukwambi Traditional Authorities respectively as well as representatives from Okatana Roman Catholic Church, specific identified cultural groups, women projects and heritages cites.

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